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What in the heck are these cute babies? We got your answers right here.

  • What are Baby Noobs NFTs?
    Baby Noobs is a rare art collection of 500 custom curated NFTs that exist on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Baby Noob is digitally hand drawn by the Cartoonist Mr. Gray.
  • How many will be minted?
  • How often will Baby Noobs be released?
    Randomly until ALL 500 Baby Noobs are born.
  • Where can I buy a Baby Noobs NFT?
    Opensea NFT Marketplace:
  • What is a Baby Noob?
    Baby Noobs are a group of interdimensional, non-racial species that live on Planet Noobtonia, a distant earth-like planet on the edge of the universe.
  • Who is behind Baby Noobs?
    Each Baby Noob NFT is digitally hand drawn by the Cartoonist, Mr. Gray. Read the full story here:
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