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I'll just keep drawing.

Since a very young age, cartoons have been my escape from the darkest parts of reality. It was always that one place that I could travel to where I knew I was in safe hands, a place surrounded by friends whose only objective was to make me smile. Characters like Bugs Bunny was not merely just a four-foot tall-animated bunny, he was also my best friend and someone who made me smile. 


As I got older I began to understand the importance of mental health. I became obsessed with constantly bettering myself and finding ways to deal with these emotions that seemed to creep up at the worst times. Anxiety, depression, anger, they were all in attendance. But no matter what I was going through, no matter how rough my internal struggle became, I always had my art to turn towards. Art has been my one constant and my personal therapy session. 


Some 20 odd years later, I find myself still using cartoons to help me cope with those internal battles. Battles we seem to be ALL fighting these days. That is where my Baby Noobs come in. My very first drawing session of 2022 spawned a bright eyed, cute little blue baby that I’ve since coined, “The Origin Noob.” It made me smile. I was hooked and I was inspired again. My Origin Noob brought me out of my dark spell and my debilitating creative slump. Now, there was just one thing I wanted: MORE OF THEM!


Baby Noobs NFTs are a direct result of my therapy sessions. Art keeps me sane, or better, art helps me from going insane. Because let’s be honest, these past few years have been pretty rough and for most of us, it was already rough to begin with. So whether it’s your own personal struggle or that of a loved one, we can all agree that taking care of our Mental Health is and SHOULD be first and foremost. These Baby Noobs NFTs are here as a reminder that things will get better, I truly believe they will. They are a reminder that you are stronger than you have ever imagined. And they are here for one simple purpose…to make you smile.


We are not alone. You are not alone.


"Stand for Mental Health. Stand with Baby Noobs."

your Wascally Cartoonist,

Mr. Gray

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